iLove4ever is more than a sisterhood, it is a motto for life -a lifestyle. It is embracing life with the strongest power there is, and seeing thru the eyes of the most beautiful being ever -Love.

iLove4ever is living every day with purpose… living every day with Him.

“We know how much God loves us because we have felt His love and because we believe Him when He tells us that He loves us dearly. God is love, and anyone who lives in love is living with God and God is living in him.” 1 John 4:16 (TLB)

Join us in this success-guaranteed journey, and declare with us… iLove God, iLove His Word and iLove His Kingdom ... iLove myself and iLove my neighbor .... iLove Life … iLove4ever ♥

Events thru all the year

Spring Fun Day

A day to play, laugh and have fun! Event usually takes place in March.

A Night With The King Gala

A special time for worship and quality-time in the presence of the Father, along with fellowship & celebration.

Summer Get Together

Usually in July, includes an “Ice Cream & Toppings” social hour, followed by a practical message of encouragement.

iLove4ever Women’s Conference

A Friday evening and Saturday morning dedicated to grow, impact and inspire. More information to come.