During our regular services, we provide age-related classes where children receive creative ministry -designed to be full of fun activities, relevant Bible-based teaching and a caring atmosphere. With our qualified Children's Staff, who delights in loving, leading and serving the children of Love Life Church, we aim and commit to provide an excellent, safe, and child-appealed environment.

:: birth to 15 months ::

It is our honor to receive the little ones for a quality time of ministry: physical, emotional and spiritual. Our babies are cared for with loving hands. We pray over them the promises of God's Word for a healthy, successful and long life. We also teach them the Word through singing, simple illustrations of Bible stories and videos. To babies, this is a time of new experiences - shapes, colors, textures! This is why we purpose to impart to each one of them how much God loves them through His creation - God made everything especially for them!

:: 15 to 30 months ::

We delight in ministering to this beautiful group of people-in-motion. Our little walkers are ministered to with a program as follows: play time, cleaning time, snack time, praise and worship, teaching and story time. They learn, as they have fun, about God's love through Jesus and His Word, how very special they are, and how to love one another by sharing and playing together.

:: 2 1/5 to 4 years ::

We know how precious toddlers are, and how privileged we are to impart into their lives God's principles that will help to mold their character. Because this a fundamental age, our purpose is to teach our tots a natural way to apply the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control) in their daily experiences. We also encourage them to develop a relationship with Jesus and to love His Word. All this is done through a dynamic time of Bible story lessons, playing, snacks, movies, puppets and more!

:: 4 to 7 years ::

"Teaching and Training God's Little Army." This is an impacting children's ministry that teaches God's Word through Biblical stories found in the Old and New Testament. Our service includes a fun and exciting worship time, a Bible story or play, a craft, and fun games. Our Bible stories emphasize Godly character outlined by the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self control. All of which are fundamental to the development of our children. During our services children are encouraged to participate and lead in prayer, worship, and reenactments of Biblical stories. We love children and they love coming back again and again to learn God's Word, make friends, and have a ton of fun!

:: 7 to 13 years ::

At Heroes Headquarters, we believe that every child is a super hero for God! We love kids and it is our honor to teach and care for them. Heroes Headquarters is a fun and exciting service tailored just for kids, where we teach Hero character building and share God's love at their level. We use fun ice breakers, game challenges, power packed praise and worship songs, action skits and Hero crafts! We desire that kids learn how to be Heroes for God right now, wherever they are, just like the Heroes they are learning about in the Bible. We are always excited when a new child comes to Heroes Headquarters! Your child will be loved and welcomed by an amazing team of creative and enthusiastic teachers.